Just A Film?


I've been having a somewhat ongoing conversation the last few days with a couple of friends at work....

Right now I'm knee deep in Genesis development. The idea has always been to try and do more than "simply make a film". At my end of the budgetary scale, there's an awful lot films that seem to be made just because, well, the guys and gals involved want to make a film. I can respect that. I want to make a film. That's one of the driving forces.

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Scrap it all, we're starting again!


I've been developing Genesis for a long time. By "developing", I tend to mean lots of thinking about the story, which in turn requires a huge amount of introspection. I've a lot of notes, several false starts of scripts, and still really no idea of what the story is actually about. Lots of character stuff, but no real structure. A beginning, an end, but not so much in between. When I've started coming up with the driving force to get into the story, the "main plot" before it develops in to the character piece, I've been adding more complexity but, again, little structure.

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One Shot online, and general updates


Update time. More of an effort make I must.

One Shot is up! A single shot short to test the camera we're going to be using on Genesis. Check it out in the films section. Hope you enjoy it.

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Time flies when you're busy....


Yes yes I know. Late again

Seriously though, how did this happen? 4 months. Nearer 5. I'm going to make more of an effort. Honest. Not like I could make less of one.

So what have I been up to?

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A Long Overdue Update


Yes, yes I know. I've been away too long. If anyone actually read this maybe I'd pop in more, lol

So, what have we been upto? A quick chronological update....

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A little bit of progress?


So I'm laying in bed contemplating the last few days.

Events kicked of quietly, a quick email to a few regular crew members asking their permission to include a bio on the Crew page - they would be involved in Genesis after all. Quickly found myself on Facebook having a chat with Piotr, my regular sound engineer.

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