This is a promo for a Zombie film. It was shot on Halloween in the center of Brighton in 2009.



Cast & Crew
Liu   Stacy Fan
Mischa   Aaronita Carlton
Drunk   Alan Marshall
Gutted Zombie   Jimmy Talmey
Headache Zombie   Mark Jones
Banana Zombie   Andy Cook
director of photography   Emma Bailey
steadicam operator   Andy Nicholls
assistant director   Jason Davison
camera assistants   William Ranieri
    Simon Taylor
make up lead   Katrina Demeanour
make up   Louise Cooper
hair & make up   Lisa Brooks
assistant to ms. demeanour   Rob Lacey
crimson fountaineers   Paul Lawrence
    Phil Probyn
    William Weidenauer
production assistants   Julian Ward
    Tim Pieraccini
assistants to ms. fan   Stacy's mum
    Adrian Vaughan
stills photography   Ken Boddy
    Robert Pullen
stunt co-ordinator   Franklin Henson
stunt team lead   Lenny Woodcock
stunt team   Matthew Joyce
    Paul Lawrence
camera equipment supplied by   Barry Bassett, VMI
security   Countryside Security
head of security   John Stammers
crane supplied by   Steve Porter, GT Plant Solutions
crane operator   David Kimber
transportation   Shane Lucking, Northchapel Transport
county council support by   Mark Wright
    Jo Osbourne
food colouring   Lynsey Ashcroft, Blends Food Services
contact lenses   The Wildcat Collection Ltd
3d lead artist   Phil Probyn
3d computer generated imagery   Acclaim Imaging
post production facilities   Chainsaw Digital
comic artwork   Andy Cook
sound engineer   Phil Probyn
song   Blondie
executive producers   John Stammers
    Franklin Henson
    Mark Jones
    Arlo Parker
associate producers   Alan Marshall
    Liz Marshall
    William Weidenauer
    Chris Harding
    Ian Schiffer
    Phil Probyn
    Steve Kent
    Carl Wakefield
    John Brooks
blocked & chopped by   Matt Watering


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