Well that could of gone better

Remember my last blog? All sounded like it was going so well.

That was until I realised the old NLE had decided to put a black frame around my uncompressed render. Why? After lots of messing around, it appears to have been a bug. It kept messing up pixel size, and even though I'd manually set it as 1.0, it still wouldn't work until (as I eventually fluked upon) you completely change export types, then change back. It then defaults to 1.0 and, you know, actually works.

Well, it works if you don't mind a blank screen and sound. It's been a trying week, but what was basically happening is I'd render in the NLE to a lossless codec, and then have to re-render this render into the SAME CODEC for it to then import into the new NLE I'm using. What? Exactly. That has taken a week to work out. Fuck. Me.

With that working, I could finally set upon the re-edit. A few small changes, one quite big scene change. Phil had a couple of inspired ideas to solve a few narrative issues we had and bridge a scene (no, we didn't actually add a Voice Over!). I think the edit is locked now, though there's one tiny shot I need to play around with the speed a bit more. I strongly suggest you never try and edit a pre-rendered movie. It's tricky, you've no flexibility. To top it off, with Piotr working every hour known to man and then some on Latest TV, I've had to work with a locked audio track. There are some new holes to plug, so this week I'll get on with that. Partially deaf and working on sound. Awesome!

Which is nearly as silly as being colour blind and working on colour grading. That's another thing I'll be doing this week

With 2 weeks until screening, and quite a few CG shots left to finalise, Phil done his usual trick and packed off on an exotic holiday  Don't worry, I've couriered the PC up to Yorkshire. It'll be waiting for him when he arrives

2 weeks then? A lot to do. Hopefully this won't degenerate into our usual running in to the screening 15 minutes later clutching a memory stick. It better not. I've got to complete the first draft of the Genesis script before then as well.

I actually got to 16 pages the other day. But then decided to merge 3 of the 5 scenes I'd written, so I'm back down to 12 pages and 3 scenes.

You couldn't make this up.

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