Time flies when you're busy....

Yes yes I know. Late again

Seriously though, how did this happen? 4 months. Nearer 5. I'm going to make more of an effort. Honest. Not like I could make less of one.

So what have I been up to?

Genesis is still "in development". I'm working with a new scriptwriter, after the last one simply vanished off the face of the planet. That's to be expected in Zero Budget Land. Until you've lived there for a while, you don't realise how tough it can be. Lots of tourists, lots of prospectors panning for gold.

While the script is being developed, I've taken the plunge and put together some hardware to make the project more tangible. Camera (DSLR, I must write more on this at another date), full shoulder rig, accessories, lenses. I'm even upgrading the editing computer. I'm still optimistic a start date of later this year is plausible, and hoping to do some visual tests end of May.

As Genesis has been inching forward, I've been working on a scene / 1/2 page for a BFC "feature film" based on Alice In Wonderland. Needless to say once I was handed the 1/2 page I was asked to direct, it kind of expanded into a 15 minute segment - with another minute to be shot as soon as I can find the right cast. This will get online eventually, but right now we're neck deep in CG (poor Phil!), sound, and enhancing the musical number.

Didn't I mention that? Yes there's a musical number in there. Just because I thought it would be funny.

And while all that's been happening, I've been picking up some training video work for the NHS, which has been interesting. Nothing creative of course, but it's been good to do and hopefully will lead to other things. Afterall, this equipment isn't funding itself....

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