Space, The Final Frontier

I may not of updated for a month, but that does not mean I have not been busy. Quite the opposite in fact.

Right now, I'm working on a few things and trying to decide what to do next.

The end goal is, of course, Genesis. Having struggled with the script for over a year, I've finally passed it over to a proper writer :) I'll discuss more when we have the first draft.

At a recent screening I had a good chat with Stacy, who is as supportive as ever. Her advice ringing in my ears, Phil and I are putting together a Genesis package and will take that round filmfares and try and drum up some interest. The budget has grown a little, and we're looking at around £500k now but we'll have to see how that goes. But first we need a workable draft. Such is the ambition of the project, the number of themes we are looking to explore, the script is very delicate. I'm looking forward to really pimping the project, selling the idea, the ambition and the passion.

However, this is all some time off. No point pimping until we have the best script ever! So meantime, I'm looking for another short to make. I know I've said I'm done with shorts, but I've not actually filmed anything in a year or so, and I'd really like to get behind the camera once before 2011 is out.

I discussed making a few episodes of Moebius for Jason, expanding the universe of a short film he made earlier this year. Ultimately, Jason and I are both very different creative folk and things didn't pan out. Still, the idea of an action short inspired got my old grey matter going and I came up with a few quality scenes and shot. The trouble is, as usual my ambition far outstrips our financial resource (which, as it stands, is zero right now).

Still, I have just spent a day with Phil working on one of those shots. Early pre-viz and building 2 spaceships, it's a rather elaborate shot of a small Lancer spaceship crashing into a 300 meter military vessel and exploding. All in one shot, naturally, with the camera then moving into the explosion as the hull breaks in half, and then the camera continues down all the way to a planet below. I'm not sure where this is all going right now. If nothing else, Phil wants some sci-fi on his CG showreel, and I really enjoy working with him so I'm having a blast. Hopefully I can tie it into a story. I've another sequence on the planet surface, but will need some pyrotechnics for that. And so we're back at having no resources....

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