One Shot online, and general updates

Update time. More of an effort make I must.

One Shot is up! A single shot short to test the camera we're going to be using on Genesis. Check it out in the films section. Hope you enjoy it.

We're pretty much finished on the Tweedles sequence for the Brighton Film Coalition's "Alice In Wonderland" film. Was only meant to take a month. 6 months later and we have ONE shot to finish. One. I feel sorry for Phil, this one has really dragged on. Still, it represents a significant amount of work for us both, and it's more varied than anything we've tried before. There's a lot of shit going on! Hopefully we can get it online soonish, not sure where we stand with that actually, need to find out.

And believe it or not, I've finally got back to work on Genesis! Yes, that sci-fi epic that is almost as painfully laborious as the development itself. Having tried working with a couple of writers over the last 18 months, I've bitten the bullet and am having a crack at writing it myself. Or rather, getting the story down - it's not really fair to chuck a load of ideas at a writer and expecting them to "get" what I'm on about. I figure with something approaching a structure, we'll see what we get and where that leads us. The story gets more complex despite there being very little actual, er, story. Hey, it's a work in progress!

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