A Long Overdue Update

Yes, yes I know. I've been away too long. If anyone actually read this maybe I'd pop in more, lol

So, what have we been upto? A quick chronological update....

Phil and I worked on an opening CG shot for a scifi short film we were thinking about doing. Actually, the short film itself kind of changes and morphed while the shot grew. I was never too sure what it going to be. After a few weeks, we put it on Hold. Not completely dropped, there are some good ideas floating around still, but we'll have to see.

Meantime, I kept returning to Future Soldier because I really want to make that. The main issue, the reason I've been thinking about it for a year but not moved forward, is the release of Iron Sky next year. That's the feature about Nazi's on the moon. Future Soldier is about Hitler in 600 years time. Not the same thing, but people may associate the two and it may not be favourable (they have millions, we have about two quid fifty). I don't want to be accused of ripping anyone's idea off, even though at the time Future Soldier was first discussed I had absolutely zero knowledge of Iron Sky. But there you.

As of right now, Future Soldier.... may be our next short film. I'm not sure. I've got permission to use the most stunning proximity base jumping I have ever seen, and it ties in nicely with the second scene in the movie. And it would be a real shame not to use this footage, it will take your breath away. However, there are issues, not least requiring a load of pink Nazi uniforms, explosives, and a castle. Then there's the CG requirement.

Still, it may still happen.

So while that is also on a kind of Holding Pattern, we're looking at shooting a mock trailer for Genesis in a couple of weeks time. I need to sort out costumes, and locations. And actors. Stacy is on board, cameraman sorted. We're waiting to hear if we can get (free) use of a greenscreen studio. It's only a few shots, but needless to say, they're all quite elaborate. The trailer itself is quite elaborate, being in time with a music but shown backwards, 2 1/2 times slower that recorded.

It contains what I hope will not become regular motifs, but I seem to be repeating myself as all my recent work is interconnected. You'll see, and say "Really, no again!" soon enough.

And while all that's happening, I've been picking up quite a bit of work for the NHS. I've just finished filming and editing one seminar, halfway through shooting a staff awards which has to be edited together middle of next week, and on Wednesday coming I'm shooting (and then editing) another seminar.

Also, in case I forget, there's a CG intro video I'm finalising for a little online competition a friend is holding. Nothing fancy, but it's something else on an already full plate.

Busy busy busy.

I need to find time between all that to nail down a location....



We had another long overdue update

By droogy


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