Latest short film is complete!

After a load of work, Deathilating Machine is finished and it's right here!

Been nearly 2 years since we shot it, but in reality it's only been a few months work. Various other projects took our attention; since we shot DM, we've edited the ZombieZ promo, and shot and edited Into The Heart. Plus real life tends to get in the way. In fact, the second screening of the unfinished short was around Feb of 2010, literally the evening before I started doing building work at home. Real Life, as I've said, tends to get in the way....

Well, the short is finally done. It's reasonable successful. Good opening, good final scene. I feel I could of done more in the middle, but this film was meant as a little experiment; I wanted to try something away from my previous zombies / guns / lesbians modus operandi.

Reaction has been pretty good, and everyone involved seems very happy with it, which is important to me :)

So what next? Well, I'm talking to a local music video producer who wants to step up to features, and an aspiring writer who knows her stuff and I believe could help with Genesis. I've had a good chat with Stacy who has offered some great advice, and the kick up the arse I needed.

Ironically enough, given the great difficulty I've had with the writing of Genesis, I sat down last night and turned out a good few pages of a comedy idea I had. It flowed wonderfully. Go figure.

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