Could be a late night

As Phil has said, we shot Deathilating Machine (aka In The Flesh) a long time ago, yet for one reason or another it's never been completed. We got close last year, but Phil wanted to work on the visual effects some more, and I was never really happy with the edit. Then we completed ZombieZ, then came the Mirrors music video, and then came a much needed rest.

And now we're here.

Try as I may, I've been unable to export an AFF of the old project. Having spent some time messing around and achieving nothing on that, I decided I'd simply render it out and re-edit that way - messy but there aren't that many adjustments to make. As our continued run of luck would have it, it wouldn't even render out! You couldn't make it up.

Well, a bit more messing around and using my laptop instead of the tower, and finally I was able to render but only in uncompressed. Don't ask. It's a fraction under 110gig. Actually it may be a bit more as I'm not convinced it finished, as the external drive is completely full.....

Regardless, I've struggled on, created a new project, put the [2] huge uncompressed AVIs on a timeline and am now rendering to my favourite lossless codec. 33 minutes to go. But who's counting.

All being well, I'll re-edit tonight and implement the changes I've planned. There are one or two areas I need to play around to see if various ideas work. Then finally, we'll have a locked edit, and Phil and I can finalise the CG shots.

The trouble then will be the sound, with original soundman Piotr incredibly busy on Latest TV, I'm not quite sure how we'll work that out. Maybe I'll ask Phil really nicely, he done a grand job on ZombieZ.....





Not gonna have much time to blog with the imminent screening of the film plus a weeks holiday to fit in........ :-o

By Phil


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